Coffee roasting

It’s a key stage in the production chain.

It consists of subjecting the beans to high temperatures up to 190º. During this process their weight decreases 15 to 20%, their volume increases 80 to 100%, the grains change colour from greenish to cinnamon brown and their physicochemical composition changes considerably.

Each origin must be roasted separately in order to achieve good uniformity. Estate coffees or top range coffees will be marketed on their own, as origin. In case of wanting a mixture of different coffees (Blend), this will be done after the roasting process.

There are usually three types of coffee roast:

Mild or Light

Suitable to keep the acidity of Arabica coffees and particularly appropriate to infuse in French coffee presses, drip coffee makers or siphon coffee makers.



Suitable for espresso machines and Italian coffee makers or home brewers. It’s the most frequent roast that Sebastian, our master roaster, uses here.


Dark or Full

Italian type that, as for blends, will equal the features of every coffee and it sometimes can be used to hide possible imperfections of the beans.

You must consider that the more roasted, the less acidity and sweetness and the more bitterness, so the intrinsic qualities of each origin get lost in the process.

Have you ever tasted a good Arabica, with a mild or light roast, without or with little sugar?
You will find unsuspected aromatic and floral notes...

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