Green tea

It has hardly been exposed to oxidation. It’s one of the most popular teas in the East and one of the most beneficial ones for the health. It’s diuretic and antioxidant and it helps preventing ageing, reduces fat and cholesterol, has anticarcinogen properties and strengthens the immune system. 

China gunpowder top class special

It’s made up of leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets that open when they contact the water. The result is a brilliant infusion with a slight bitter taste. Fresh mint can be added.

2 minutes

Japan Sencha Kalegawa

Traditional tea from Japan. Bright infusion with large leaves and a refreshing delicious taste.

2 - 3 minutes 

Atay amazigh

Blend of China Gunpowder with mint from Morocco. Traditionally served with fresh mint, hot and with a lot of sugar. Dark infusion with a sweet and fresh taste.

2 minutes

Green tea with wakame seaweed

Japanese Sencha tea with wakame seaweed and lemon. Excellent infusion, it’s clear with a citric taste.

3 - 4 minutes

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