Single serve coffee

Single serve coffee is already prepared with the ideal milling point for an espresso. It has between 7 and 8 g of coffee wrapped and perfectly pressed in filter paper. Its main advantage is that because every dose is packed individually and in a controlled atmosphere, it remains perfectly fresh for months until the moment of extraction, and it is much cleaner than any other system because it doesn’t practically need cleaning after preparing the coffee.

If you don’t have an exclusive coffee maker for single serve, there are adaptors both for home and professional coffee makers.

The growth of this system in the professional sector is constant due to the great advantages that it entails in terms of quality, control and energy savings.

Natural Blend
Decaffeinated Blend
Organic Blend
Blend Rainforest
Mexixo Decaffeinated Swiss Water
Jamaica Blue Mountain
Kopi Luwak

Brazil Bourbon
Colombia Flor Apia
Ethiopia Yergacheffe
Guatemala Antigua
Honduras San José

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