Who we are

Cafès Gener was born around 1950 when Ton Viñas, owner of Café Colon in Cardona, showed the secrets of roasting coffee to Josep alias“el Bonany”, born in the peasantry close to town.

That fact awoke an unusual curiosity in Josep for this product and seeing its possibilities in the market, he started exploring this world. Persistent, with a generous and kind personality, without leaving his occupations in the livestock sector, he soon established a reputation in the area, with lots of work and effort, and helped at all times, of course, by his wife Fina.

The company has always been eminently family-run business, and nowadays the third generation works there.

Its philosophy has always been a gradual growth but constant, and the passion for offering good quality coffees.

In 2000 there was a qualitative and quantitative leap when we expanded the facilities, until then located within Cardona’s walls, with a new industrial plant in the industrial estate, where we renewed and modernized at the same time all the coffee processes of storing, roasting and packaging.


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