Black tea

It’s subject to a complete process of oxidation in an atmosphere with high moisture. It is one of the tea varieties with more body. It has antioxidant, digestive and diuretic properties.


Select black tea with white tea leaves that offer a clear bright infusion with a round and fruity aroma.

3 - 4 minutes

Ceylon op1

It comes from Sri Lanka. It’s very aromatic with a sour taste, mild but with body.

3-4 minutes

English breakfast

Real and traditional English blend of black teas that create a very structured infusion. It can be served with milk.

3-4 minutes

cinnamon premium tea

It is a delicious blend of Chinese black tea and pieces of cinnamon. It is advisable to drink it with milk.

3 - 4 minutes 

Vanilla tea

It’s an excellent blend of black tea and pieces of vanilla.

3 - 4 minutes  

Earl grey

Black tea aromatized with natural bergamot. The result is an infusion which combines a sweet and bitter taste.

3 - 4 minutes 

Truffle tea

Black tea with cocoa, sweet macadamia and white chocolate. Dark infusion with a sweet and mild taste.

3 - 4 minutes

Chai tea

From the Indian tradition with a light spicy touch. It’s prepared with a base of black tea, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove. It can be served with milk.

3 - 4 minutes 

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