Selection of the best herbs cultivated in the lands of Urgell. They are not treated with herbicides or pesticides. They have several properties beneficial for our health. 


Select specialty with a high oil content. It’s a dark yellow strong infusion that improves digestion.

5 minutes


Real pennyroyal infusion. It is an aromatic fresh drink and it regulates the digestive tract. 

5 minutes

Lime blossom tea

It’s a relaxing and digestive infusion with a subtle pleasant delicate aroma.

5 minutes

Lemon balm with lemon verbena

It has a clear and soft infusion in taste with a breath of lemon. It is used as a relaxing tonic of the nervous system and it improves digestion.

5 minutes

Echinacea with thyme

It is an infusion with high oil content. It’s a drink that strengthens the immune system.

5 minutes

Good morning

Leaves of sage, thyme and peppermint make this infusion a strong, invigorating and depurative drink that prepares the body to start well your day.

5 minutes

Bon appétit

Camomile, lemon verbena, peppermint and aniseed combine to make a pleasant infusion that helps digestion.

5 minutes

Good night

Lemon balm, camomile and passionflower originate a soft infusion that helps us rest and relax.

5 minutes

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